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Sahalie Reviews

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  • Follow up to earlier today

    ButterFlece Shirt received in the mail with animal hair.This is a follow up to my ticket earlier today. In the mail today I received a letter from Blair (which I believe is a co owned by Sahalie) with a pre-paid label to return merchandise. There was no mention as to what merchandise was to be returned. I called Blair, they were completely unaware of my problem. When I gave a brief overview of the problem I was told to call Sahalie. I asked why was the letter sent to me from Blair. I was told mistakes like that happen!!! I called Sahalie and asked to speak to the manager who signed the... More...
  • Butterfleece shawl collar shirt covered with animal hair received

    On 2/9/17 I placed an order which I received on 2/17/17. Upon opening the package I held the shirt up against me and realized that the shirt was sparsely covered in what appeared to be cat hair. My first reaction was one of panic since I am asthmatic. I immediately took my shirt off and a family member placed my shirt as well as the new shirt in the washing machine. I used my inhaler immediately. I called Sahalie on 2/17 and on 2/22 both customer service reps were very cordial and took my information. I was told both times that someone would get back to me. Will I am still waiting today is... More...
    Spirit5's Picture   Spirit5    0 Comments   Comments
  • VIP Plus Signup Without Knowledge

    $1.99 VIP Signup through Sahalie VIP during original purchase at a rate of $14.97 a month.I was unaware I signed up for this. Had to deal with a rude customer service representative to get charges reversed. Made two calls as Sahalie messed up my order...charged me $27.00 for shipping and restocking when I requested a different size. Great job. They have definitely assured that I will not a be a repeat customer, if I can even be categorized as that as I do not own any of their products. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Chimcha's Picture   Chimcha    1 Comments   Comments
  • vip plus

    BE WARNED-you get enrolled for vip plus when you say NO! ordered 1 time and when returning item saw a phone # to call for free return shipping credit. Called and they said if I joined vip plus I'd get free return shipping- I SAID NO- but yesterday my cc was charged $14.97. Called and cancelled and asked for credit-which I got--but be warned..they sign you up without your consent--sneaky business practices. Won't order from them again. More...
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    redee's Picture   redee    0 Comments   Comments
  • Salhalie has terrible customer service.

    Sahalie provides terrible customer service. I placed my order online on the 16th. Today is the 23rd, and it has not even shipped. I wrote the Chat, and was informed by "Michael" that "Our standard delivery is 4-8 business days." Over and over. This was his answer to why it hadn't even been put together. His answer to why it didn't show up onliine as "in process" until yesterday.. His answer to why it was not yet in the mail. He did give one other answer -- in response to "When will my order be going out?" He responded, "I... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    ArizonaStacy's Picture   ArizonaStacy    0 Comments   Comments

    I recently signed up to be a VIP member of Sahalie to save money on buying a coat. I had absolutely no idea there was a 14.97 MONTHLY membership fee. I returned the coat and did not pay the membership fee and am now receiving late fees of $29 a month on a coat I returned. When I called to complain, they literally could have cared less. I agree with the other reviews, DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THE VIP MEMBERSHIP. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    rgdicola's Picture   rgdicola    1 Comments   Comments
  • Never shipped never notified

    Order on 12/11, got the order confirmation but never received any shipment notice. Finally checked the order status and it was cancelled, with NO notification. Called to see if they may get these in after the 25th, told they didn't know. In the process of discussing this, the person said they ran out of stock on this item on 12/20. That is 9 days after our order. Well, they had no idea why and had no information. That is it with Sahalie, we will never order from them again. More...
    (Holiday shopping reviews)
    nahcs1115's Picture   nahcs1115    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sahalie scam

    I placed an order with sahalie in dec 2012 and was signed up for their VIP PLUS program through placing the order. I wasn't aware of signing up for anything and wax charged $14.97 a month since that date. My husband never questioned the charges because he assumed I authorized these charges. When I found out about this problem, I called sahalie, I was given a separate number to call and cancel the service. I was connected to "Shaday" when I called the number and she told me that I was signed up for the program when I used a promo code for 15 percent off my order...still... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Versek's Picture   Versek    3 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Customer Service Ever

    Wow, I wish I had read these reviews sooner. I too just experienced the worst customer service ever. I ordered a sweater on 12/9/11 and also paid additional shipping charges so it would arrive within 3 to 5 business days. On 12/12/11 I received a call from Sahalie saying they needed my help getting the order shipped out. I had to change my shipping address in order to get the faster shipping service and receive the item before my 12/18/11 Christmas event. She said it would go out today so Friday, still no package. I got online to check order status and said it was still in processing.... More...
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    jerrita's Picture   jerrita    0 Comments   Comments
  • Leaving Sahalie

    I am probably about done with Sahalie, unfortunately, after a round of really awful customer service. I was trying to order two of a classic Sahalie item (Wooby cardigan). They arrived WAY too large -- I knew because I'd ordered three of this item before and really loved them. The customer service reps were unable to provide any information as to why this shipment was sized so completely differently or if and when I would be able to get the correctly sized garments in the future. All they said was: "If you don't like them, return them." As a fairly loyal long-term... More...
    MsMinnesota's Picture   MsMinnesota    2 Comments   Comments
  • Quality Lacking

    I have written before and will provide a recap of what was previously written to your Cust Srvc Dept: I have ordered and received items from Sahalie that are not of quality, especially considering the prices that you charge. One would certainly believe that they would receive an extremely high-quality product when paying around $40 for sweatpants and sweatshirts! I cannot agree to pay for the return shipping costs to exchange your flawed items, that seems ludicrous. My previous e-mail to Cust. Serv. has gone unanswered regarding my concerns. Although I have spent quite a bit of money... More...
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  • Poor Quality for the $$ and Lack of Customer Service

    I have spent quite a bit of money with this company in a short amount of time; I love 100% cotton clothing. However, some of the clothing from Sahalie is definitely not worth the money. Sweat pants develop holes, have seams that are off-center and seams that come apart. I've also had evident, and quite obvious, flaws in sweatshirt fabric's colors/patterns; like a definitive v-shape pattern on the front and back neckline. I've contacted Sahalie and have not received a response regarding how to exchange these flawed clothing items without a charge to me. If their quality is... More...
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    JenniferMc1's Picture   JenniferMc1    3 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Company

    I placed an order on December 7. I ordered matching flashlights for my 1o year old sons which were Christmas presents and at the time were listed as in stock. I also ordered some items that were on back order but were expected to be in at the end of December. When I had not heard anything from the company by December 15th I tried calling the company. I got a message saying they were overwhelmed with calls and to call back later. I e-mailed customer service and didn't receive a reply for two days. I finally got to talk to a person in customer service and they assured me I would... More...
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    Irongirl's Picture   Irongirl    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst customer service ever

    I ordered several items on December 8th for Christmas stocking stuffers. They were all listed in stock at the time. It is now January 17th and the items have still not arrived. I called about a week before Christmas and was told that the items were in the mailroom and I would get them in time. Hmmm. My credit card has been charged and the latest email said I would receive some of the items on January 15th. Still no merchandise. Don't order from Sahalie unless you want complete disappointment. More...
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    shofstet's Picture   shofstet    1 Comments   Comments
  • Items Not Shipped

    We ordered 6 items from the Sahalie catalog on December 11 and were told that all items were in stock. However, only one item arrived before Christmas, another item came a week later, and a third item came on January 9th. The rest of the order has not arrived. There are THREE huge problems with this company. (1)Customer service is a JOKE. They promised us several times that our order was being shipped and would arrive before Christmas. Yet, when pressed for details, they claim to not even have access to the records of actual shipments. We were transferred to another phone number which... More...
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    angieseltzer's Picture   angieseltzer    0 Comments   Comments
  • bad sevice

    I have ordered several times from Sahalie in the past and never had any problems until this December. This was the worst experience I have ever had with a catalog company. I placed my order of 3 items on the morning of Dec. 11, plenty of time to recieve them before Christmas. The web site states that items ship within 4 days. I recieved an email that day stating that the items were in stock and would ship soon. Four days later (Dec.15) I still had not recieved an email confirming that the items had shipped so I called to find out what was up and was told they were in the shipping area and... More...
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  • No customer service at Sahalie

    I have ordered several times from Sahalie in the past and there previous name "Early Winters" and never had any problems until this December. This was the worst experience I have ever had with a catalog company. I placed my order of 3 items on the morning of Dec. 11, plenty of time to recieve them before Christmas. The web site states that items ship within 4 days. I recieved an email that day stating that the items were in stock and would ship soon. Four days later (Dec.15) I still had not recieved an email confirming that the items had shipped so I called to find out what was up... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    lheslop's Picture   lheslop    1 Comments   Comments
  • Feel misled by Sahalie

    We ordered the first week of December; I called to see when it would come after an adequate shipping time as per their claims; it had not been shipped. They said they would upgrade and sent an e-mail to me saying it was upgraded and would arrive so I could repack and reship it for a gift. It is Dec. 26 and it has not arrived. Their call center said call later on three days--they have too many calls to take more!! Worst of all, they provided a link that implies that FedEx and USPS had the items in our town. FedEx said that they only had the electronic notifications in our town, not the... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    zowee's Picture   zowee    1 Comments   Comments
  • Don't trust SAHALIE!!!

    I placed an order on 11/29/08 for 5 Christmas presents. I verified that standard shipping was 4-8 days, hence there was PLENTY of time to receive these items in spite of the holiday rush. My items were not sent out until 12/06/08 and 12/11/08--8 and 13 days from the date the order was placed. I have used the online tracking service for both shipments and called customer service for help repeatedly. I was instructed by a Sahalie CSR and a supervisor to call the US Postal Service to check on my order. THE CUSTOMER HAS TO DO THE LEG WORK WHEN I PAID FOR SHIPPING?? None the less, I... More...
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    shelley's Picture   shelley    3 Comments   Comments

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Sahalie Comments

valleygirl says: (3 years ago)
How sad. I was going to order another of an item I received as a Christmas gift, but now will not deal with this company. I am glad reviews exist.

Raven says: (9 years ago)
I have had nothing but problems with Sahalie. It is true that they have good products, but after repeated problems with customer service & returns I will never order from them again either. All the hassle is just not worth it when there are so many choices out there.
I recently returned something, called them and specifically asked them to not refund it to my credit card because I had closed the account. They agreed, then went ahead and did it anyway. Then they told me it was my problem and I had to deal with the credit card company over their mistake. Also my last order was frustrating and a big disaster. I placed a large order, including birthday clothes for my husband. It took a week longer to get the order than they said it would and it didn't arrive until AFTER his birthday.. When I ordered online their computer said everything was in stock. Yet when I received the order it said 2 items were out of stock. Is their computer wrong? One was a gift I was counting on. Had I know the item was out of stock I would have gotten another item. These were just the major frustrations, there were other little things too (like when I type in Northwestern dream jeans the computer said "no item found" yet they have the exact item in the cataloge). Or, when I try to e-mail them via customer service for days but that page is not working.
SO MUCH frustration.

dalkoyo says: (9 years ago)
We are having the same problems with this group but ONE item that was on back order came and the items that were to be shipped from inventory are still out in consumer space. That order was over 230 dollars and we are getting the same rigga-ma-roll as others. They act like they are trying to resolve it but, are they really or just giving lip service. While we still like the one product we received it's not worth all this so beware of this vendor.

Serottaman says: (9 years ago)
Xmas order,8 days later still not shipped??? How can a company stay
in business if this is the best they
can do. Xmas is over.

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